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You are Vibrational Energy

Your Personal Vibration Effects Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Your Thoughts & Your Emotions Determine Your Vibrational Energy

Mind Your Thoughts – Allow Your Feelings – Raise Your Vibration – Experience Bliss

My Essentialhz Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Reiki

Why Raise Your Vibrational Energy?

Get Unstuck - Clear Unblocked Emotions

Get Unstuck

Are You Stuck in Life? Not Moving forward? Are you reaching your goals? Raising your vibrational energy can help you clear out old, blocked emotions that are literally holding you back from experiencing your greatest you.

Support Your Body

Support Your Body

Do you feel tired or fatigued? Are you stressed out? Feeling unhealthy? Raising the vibrational energy of your body boosts your immune system, helping you to achieve your body’s natural state of wellness.

Step Into The Flow of Abundance

Step into the Flow

Are you experiencing a lack of abundance? Are things flowing through your life naturally and effortlessly? Are you standing in the energy of allowing? Raising your vibrational energy tunes your frequency to your natural state of receiving abundance.

Get Unstuck - Live Your Bliss

Live Your Bliss

Are you living in a state of fear, worry and stress? Are outside forces robbing you from your natural state of joy? Joy is one of the highest frequencies you can experience. Increasing your vibrational energy helps you release constricting, limited emotions allowing you to open to your bliss and joy within you.

My Essentialhz Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Reiki

How Can We Help Raise Your Vibrational Energy?



Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind where emotions are stored.Blocked emotions create blocks in the body causing illness. Hypnotherapy uncovers and shifts emotions that are keeping you from vibrating at your highest frequency.

Aromatherapy Pure Organic Essential Oils


Pure, organic essential oils carry the energy of mother earth. When custom blended for your specific energetic needs naturally raises your vibrational frequency allowing you to experience greater health and happiness.

Access Universal Life Force Energy with Reiki


Reiki works with the Universal Life Force Energy, through a laying on of hands. It is used to balance and heal the body mind, spirit, and emotions. Reiki will clear blocked energies, helping to raise your vibrational frequency.

Meditation & Yoga Classes, Crystals and More

& More

My EssentialHz offers ongoing educational workshops, community gathering, meditation and yoga classes as well as access to other holistic modalities all designed to help you raise your vibrational frequency.

My Essentialhz Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Reiki

We Personally Invite You to Start Living Your Bliss…

If you are ready to start living your bliss, we invite you to call us and schedule your complimentary experience at My EssentialHz. Bring inner peace and joy to your daily life by raising your personal vibrational frequency…In doing so, your higher frequency radiates a ripple effect of that peace to those around you and beyond, and then back again.

Catherine Morgan and Christine Gregory Campos

My Essentialhz Aromatherapy Reiki Hypnotherapy

My EssentialHz
8907 Regents Park Drive
Suite 350
Tampa FL 3347
(813) 308-0339

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My Essentialhz Aromatherapy Reiki Hypnotherapy

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