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Crystal Bracelet Make & Take Jewelry Party Girls Night Out



My EssentialHz Tampa FL Girls Night Out Jewelry Party

Come tap into the Positive Energy Vibration of Crystals Come and learn about crystal energy. Learn how they can energize you and your life! Discover how crystal energy can support you in your every day life. You will find out which energies you are most naturally drawn to in stones and crystals.


Come and have some fun. You will choose your beads, and make your bracelet, your style, your way! A unique creation of yours. You will be guided through the jewelry making process helping you create your very own personally crafted masterpiece.



The payment includes reserving your spot as there is limited seating. Your ticket price will go towards refreshments and supplies. You are welcome to bring wine or light cocktails. We will require a disclaimer for this purpose.

Prices of the jewelry will vary based on the stones used in your bracelet ranging from $23 and up.

You are Invited To Come & Let Us Pamper You

Valentines Open House My EssentialHz Spa New Tampa

Come in for some loving and nurturing of yourself, and sample (at no charge) some of our exclusive services that we offer here at My EssentialHz. You are able to sign-up for up to three separate 15 minute sessions; and try out some of these wonderful services…

  • Heal your body and mind, while laying on our heated, infrared, Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Jade Bio-mat.
  • Enjoy the calming effects of our Meditation Experience Glasses, while relaxing in a comfortable reclining chair.
  • Unleash the power of your inner wise sage, with a recorded guided hypnosis session.
  • We will also be offering Great Valentine’s Day Specials that you will be able to purchase as Gift Certificates for yourself or someone you love.

  • Reiki (30 minute) Session -- for $24 (regular price $30)
  • Bio-mat (30 minute) Session -- for $20 (regular price $30)
  • Intuitive Coaching (1 hour) Session -- for $60 (regular price $75)
  • Integrative Energy Therapy IET (1 hour) Session -- for $60 (regular price $75)
  • Meditation Experience (30 minute) Session -- for $20 (regular price $30)
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing (50 minute) Session -- for $60 (regular price $75)
  • We will be launching the My EssentialHz, one of a kind Healing Crystal Bracelets with our custom blended Aromatherapy. As a special for attendees of the open house, these bracelets will be dramatically reduced in cost (for one day only).

  • The Universal Love is a full 50% off. Your cost is $22 (regular price $44)
  • All other bracelets will be marked down 20% for this one day
  • Schedule Your Complimentary Services Now

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    My EssentialHz
    8907 Regents Park Drive
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