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NAHA Certified Aromatherapy

My Essentialhz Tampa FL Custom Blended NAHA Certified Aromatherapy

How are you feeling today?

Aromatherapy is a truly wonderful way to support your body’s total wellness. Are you having feelings of worry, sadness, anxiousness? Do you have chronic pain or suffer with headaches, insomnia, skin or digestion issues? Essential Oils have the ability to address several emotional and physical chronic issues naturally, when formulated into true custom blends made specifically for an individual.

You might be surprised to learn that our sense of smell is the most primal sense, and has a profound influence over our thoughts, emotions, memories, and behaviors. Unlike other fragrances and perfumes, essential oils allow us to harness our brain’s olfactory power to completely uplift and heal our emotional wellbeing...and when using 100% pure organic essential oils, the molecules you are smelling are going directly to the areas of your brain that enhance pleasure and decrease stress. In addition, they are a natural, “live” substance with the highest vibrational energy frequency...and when used properly, can increase your own personal vibrational energy..and raising your personal energy frequency is key to overall good health.

True Custom Blendings

In a service exclusively available at My EssentialHz, a clinically trained NAHA Certified Aromatherapist will provide individually tailored essential oil blends that are created uniquely for you using pure, unadulterated, organic, reiki energized essential oils). These blends will be specifically formulated to address your unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You are one of a kind -- and that is how essential oils were meant to be used, and how our aromatherapist uses them.

Safety First

Essential Oils and custom blended aromatherapy are truly a wonderful resources in supporting your wellness goals. As they have gained in popularity, there is a good deal of MIS-information being given about essential oils, and it can be confusing to the average person. At My Essentialhz, we follow the guidelines and best practices as recommended by NAHA (National Association of Aromatherapy Association). Just like you would not take antibiotics regularly, we do not recommend internal use of essential oils unless under close supervision of an aromatherapy-trained physician or a clinically trained aromatherapist, and with a pre-determined amount of time.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Because of safety, we realize that not all oils or distributors are alike. We make it a practice of standard to ask and to know whats in the oils we purchase before any application or use. We only work with distillers and distributors who are willing to provide the necessary information and reports that identify important information about the oil including:

  • Distiller Information
  • Country and Origin of the Oil
  • The Latin Name (for example Thyme has 5 chemotypes and contain different safety guidelines)
  • Date (Month and Year) Oil was distilled
  • Distillation Method (extremely important as some distillation methods can involve the use of harsh chemicals)
  • Plant Part Use
  • Chemical Components

Our clinically trained Professional Aromatherapist, is certified by NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists. Christine follows the professional blending standards utilizing the scientific methods to blend. She utilizes the GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) reports to certify the pureness and chemical components of the oils. Blends are formulated with the data provided by these individual reports. This data is not proprietary, and professional trained aromatherapists are trained to read these reports. If they are not made available, there is truly no way to tell exactly what is in the oil you are using.

An aromatherapy consultation is needed for a wellness blend. The consult can be in person or by phone. To schedule your time and to learn how the natural healing art of aromatherapy can help you by clicking the link below.

Schedule an Aromatherapy Consult"

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My EssentialHz
8907 Regents Park Drive
Suite 350
Tampa FL 33647
(813) 308-0339

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My Essentialhz Aromatherapy Reiki Hypnotherapy

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