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Real Change vs Goals

The Mindful Art of Lasting Change

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world...
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself..."

Making Real Change versus Setting GoalsMany of us start the new year with a large desire to make a real lasting change. We set strong goals and tap into a stronger part of our core being for assisting us with this change, as we are empowered by the promise of a new year. Often times, change is impacted by our everyday circumstances. These individual, very real circumstances can provide many challenges just in a single day. As the days move on, we become somewhat tired and worn down. Our resolve may begin to slip, and as the days move by we do not feel as motivated. When we are tired or worn down from our day to day circumstances, the desire to change is lessened simply by the deeper need to feel better, happier, supported.

The Laws of the Mind state that emotion will always overpower logic. What does that really mean? The fact that we are made up of cells indicates that we are essentially energy. Some of our greatest teachers including Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla knew fully these basic facts. Our conscious mind is the "logical mind". Its the part of our mind that helps us plan, organize and goal set. Our subconscious mind, also known as the emotional mind, stores our memories and our emotions. Studies have been done showing the energy of a thought (a brain wave) goes about 10 feet from the body, while energy from the heart (a heart wave) can go as far a 50 feet from the body, supporting the idea that emotions out power logic.

So while a desire to change is emotionally charged, sometimes the challenges we face may have other emotions that have just a bit more of a charge. The bottom line is the strongest emotion will always win. This information is very useful to help us understand that the power to lasting change is not a matter of strength or willpower - rather it is a connection to a stronger, more powerful feeling - to be em-powered.

A first step to real change then is to recognize what feeling is dominating your inner world. Understanding that condemning that feeling is to condemn a part of yourself. Working from "what is" instead of trying to force "what is currently not" can be a real powerful element in making real life change. One of my favorite sayings is "what we resist persists and suffering is resisting what is". If there is a stronger, more dominating emotion that's challenging your deep desire to change, accepting whatever it is by recognizing it, honoring it and understanding it rather than forcing or wishing it away is a key to making real and lasting change. The magic of change is born from accepting that emotion within you and embracing the whole of you.

The idea of acknowledging our emotions or accepting them generally goes against much of what we've been taught most of our lives. Many of us have been taught not to honor nor value our inner most emotions. Many of us have been taught that emotions are a sign of weakness. However, as energetic human beings, emotion are simply "energy in motion". So when an emotion pops up it's like a traffic signal giving you a sign, a piece of information of what's going on in your inner world. Often times we feel over powered by our emotions because we use words like "I am sad" or "I am angry". What if we just changed our language to say "I feel mad " or "I feel angry". Those small changes in words allow us not to become the feeling and give our power away. What if we didn't judge our feelings such as good, bad, or a sign of weakness? What if we just observed the feeling as if it were just trying to give us more information? Working with an approach of patience, and loving acceptance of your whole being can be used as keys of the path to real change. Honoring and accepting who you are in this very moment is your greatest asset to helping you develop into the change that you desire.

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